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Super Slim Pomegranate Pills

Date Added: 09/17/2013 by Consuelo Mihaylova
Guys, this product works,! I took them for a month and I went from 145 to 132lbs, I’ve never lost weight so quickly, I looks better, so happy! Friends you may give it a shot, just drink water and eat properly, it may let you get rid of some lbs :D
Date Added: 12/03/2015 by AVITIA gore
this pills prevented me eat more food, suppressed my appetite, I am not so interested in eating meals after taking super slim. the service is perfect. thanks very much.
Date Added: 07/09/2013 by Ludmila Gonzalez
This product has been helping with my appetite, and this is what I want . I will control my craving and my weight. That’t the exciting part.