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Super Slim Pomegranate Pills

Date Added: 05/28/2013 by Katy Baade
I purchased this product because it contains the recommended ingredients in the amounts suggested by the experts. I have more energy during the day, even on those sleepless nights. However, I don't feel jittery like I would with caffeine, just a sense of not feeling tired all the time.
Date Added: 11/26/2015 by mattie Freeman
I don't know which pills helped me lose weight, just adopted my friends suggestion beginning to take super slim, I am extremely excited this pills helped me so much.
Date Added: 11/10/2015 by Helen charlton
34 years old for me, gained my weight in recent years, because the work and family pressure, I became depressed owing to my increasing weight and some reason, my father asked many people to get the good pills, now my weight is normal, my life is becoming better, thanks very much, good seller.